How do I view the name of a node?

To view the name, just place the cursor over the node.

How do I mark a node of interest?

There are two ways to mark a node of interest, the node will be colored black in the network.

1) Right clicking on the node.

2) Using the search widget.

How do I view a node's direct neighbors?

Double clicking on a node will show you the direct neighbors, the rest of the network will be faded out.

How do I zoom?

Depending on your device, there are two methods of zooming in and out of the network.

1) The scroll wheel on a mouse.

2) Pinch-zoom gesture on a touchpad.

What is the difference between clear and full clear button?

The clear button will clear everythin on the network besides the black nodes (the nodes of interest).

The full clear button will clear everything.

Why are there more than one path shown after searching for the shortest path?

The interactive network will highlight all the possible shortest paths between the two nodes.

After using the shortest path(s) widget, what do the colors represent?

Green node is the start node.

Blue node is the end node.

Red node(s) and link(s) are the path(s) traveled.

How do I move the network?

Single clicking and moving the cursor will allow you to move the network around.

What are the names that appear in the dropdown menu after using the search or the shortest path(s) widget?

Those are the names of the nodes matching the inputted criteria.

Note: Up to 10 options will only be displayed in the dropdown menu.